• The Revolution Is Here.
    Virtual reality is an immersive experience in which you can explore a 3D world, making it ideally suited to games and even movies.
  • Internal Codes for Repairs Use Only

  • Cases
    35 item(s)
    Sleek & Sturdy
    We have a wide selection of desktop cases to choose from. Whether you are looking for home theatre, a sleek gaming rig or a workstation.
  • Power Supply Units
    3 item(s)
    Power Up.
    Robust and powerful power supplies to support the latest processors and platforms for Intel® and AMD™. Give your PC the energy it needs!
  • Surge Protection
    3 item(s)
    Play It Safe.
    Safeguard your valuable equipment and critical data from blackouts, brownouts, surges, spikes and lightning. We've got some great choices.
  • Fan Controllers
    5 item(s)
    Control It.
    Control your fans with our fan controller range and monitor temperatures and fan speeds. Great options for budget and high-end controllers.
  • Motherboards
    15 item(s)
    The Backbone Of Your PC.
    A motherboard is one of the most essential parts of a computer system. Powered by the latest technology giving your PC the ultimate power!
  • Processors
    43 item(s)
    The Brain Of Your PC.
    Choose from Intel® and AMD's latest and greatest processors. Advance performance and great multitasking capabilities for today's tech.
  • Memory
    9 item(s)
    Improve Your Performance.
    Choose the right memory for you. Adding extra memory to your PC improves performance and increases performance.
  • Graphics Card
    17 item(s)
    Game On The Best Platform.
    Check out our range of budget and high-end graphics cards. Discover unprecedented performance, power efficiency, and gaming experiences.
  • Storage
    22 item(s)
    High Performance Memory.
    A comprehensive range of storage devices for internal and external use. Available in various capacities to suit your storage needs.
  • Optical Drives
    2 item(s)
    Large Capacity Drives
    Increase your systems storage capacity or create your own DVDs with our wide range of great DVD and Blu-Ray drives, external and internal.
  • Card Reader
    2 item(s)
    Powerful Card Readers.
    Versatile multi-format card readers for your PC that supports different card formats, e.g. SD, CF and MS. Modern high-capacity cards.
  • Sound Card
    4 item(s)
    Get Loud.
    Giving your computer system a sound output supporting a wide range of configurations. Best sound cards for home, office and gaming PCs.
  • Networking
    1 item(s)
    Get Connected.
    Make sure you stay connected to the Internet, e-mail and your network, all without wires! Choose from USB ports, Firewire and Wireless LAN.
  • Monitor
    9 item(s)
    Full HD Displays.
    We have a large selection of great value, high-tech Full HD TFT LCDs, from touch-screens to huge 27" LED displays. The choice is yours...
  • Speakers
    2 item(s)
    Make Some Noise.
    Speaker Systems for your Desktop, Laptop and MP3 Player. Get that crystal clear sound pumping through your speakers.
  • Gaming Bundles
    3 item(s)
    Win The Battle.
    Defeat the enemies! With a powerful gaming system you need powerful peripherals, the peripherals are just as important as the core parts.
  • Keyboard & Mouse
    3 item(s)
    Essential Peripherals.
    Essential Peripherals. Desktop, cordless, optical and rechargeable keyboards and mice. All your essential peripheral needs right here!
  • Keyboard
    5 item(s)
    Tap Away To Victory.
    A wide selection of highly-recommended keyboards to go with your perfect PC. Tap your way to victory with our keyboard range.
  • Mouse
    5 item(s)
    Click Away.
    A variety of beautifully designed mice, an essential part of your computer setup. Choose from home, office and gaming mice. Get that edge.
  • Gaming Headsets
    7 item(s)
    Hear The Noise.
    Top quality gaming headsets with surround sound giving you that extra edge when competing on the battlefield. Only the best.
  • Gaming Chairs
    4 item(s)
    Get Comfortable.
    Take your gaming to the next level with a gaming chair. Available in a wide variety of prices and styles for different body types.