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Bringing over 30 years of experience to your organisation

Mesh Business offers bespoke solutions and services, we support any sized organisation from start-ups to education institutes to public sectors.

We have over three decades of delivering unbeaten performance, reliability and expandability desktops, from small form factor to enthusiast gaming PCs, CAD/CAM workstations, photo/video to trading desktops and more.

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MESH | Business | Education | Public Sector
How do I get started?

Tell us what you are looking for, whether its office desktops or professional workstations and the quantity you require and, one of our experienced Sales staff will provide you with the best solution for your IT needs.

If you need expert advice for your IT needs then give us a call on 0208 955 0731 or alternatively email us at [email protected]. We are open from 9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday.

Powerful. Versatile. Reliable.

We have a wide range of PCs which use quality, top brand components such as Intel and AMD. Our experienced engineers will design your desktops to be reliable, quiet and environmentally friendly with exceptionally long-life span. All our ranges are available in various different form factors:

  • NUC Range
  • SSF/Mini ITX Range
  • Mini-Range
  • Full Tower Range
  • Servers
  • Professional Workstations

At Mesh, we know how important it is to ensure all systems are in working order. Our outstanding customer and technical support allow you to focus on your company goals whilst we fix the problem.

Get expert advice from our dedicated team of account managers - call us now: 0208 955 0731

Simply get in touch, let us know your requirements and we'll create a unique IT package, tailored to your exact needs.