MESH Evolution of PCs

Mesh Computers have been proudly servicing the IT industry for over 30 years. We have designed and manufactured custom PCs throughout the country. During those years, Mesh has delivered over 1 million systems to their customers. Whether you are looking for Home Office PCs, Gaming PCs, Professional Workstations, Laptops or Tablets, Mesh is where to buy from. Not only do we offer great value but we make sure all our customers get the support and advice they need when buying from Mesh.

Priding itself on being the best, Mesh Computers has won more independent editorial awards for it's hardware than any other UK manufacturer. It is a record that we are justly proud of as it represents consistent achievement going back a long time. A quarter of a century ago Mesh's founder, Max Sherafati, began to develop a plan. A plan to create the best PC manufacturing company in the UK.

At the 2010 annual awards ceremony, MeshComputers collected PC Manufacturer of the Year from both Computer Shopper and Expert Reviews. This award was given for the consistently powerful PCs that MESH designs, assembles, tests and ships from its huge production facility in North London. Even though Mesh now has an installed user base of hundreds of thousands of happy customers, the company is still pushing hard - driving the PC market forward. Those customers chose to buy one of our special PCs after considering the hundreds and hundreds of accolades that have been awarded to MESH over the years.

As a company, Mesh is as enthusiastic today as it was last century, with a serious commitment to offer customers award winning product, with excellent service at a competitive price.

Ultimately, people who know, choose MESH.

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