MESH Evolution of PCs

At Mesh Computers we build top-end custom desktop PCs from highest quality components from the biggest brands like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, ASUS and Corsair. We combine our 30 years of experience and knowledge and create remarkable desktop PCs for you. Since 1987, we have delivered over 1 million PCs to thousands of customers and received over 500 editorial awards. Our aim is to provide the best service, product, price and technical support – feel free to read some of our customer reviews!

Whether you are looking for a home, office, gaming PCs or professional workstations or laptops, Mesh has you covered. High quality custom built desktops, tailored made by Mesh to your exact specification is definitely something to boast about. Why not take a look at our easy-to-use website configurator and build your very own custom PC today!

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