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Gaming PC - AMD Ryzen™ 5 5600X Hex Core 3.7GHz , Nvidia 1650 Graphics, 16GB memory, 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD, Windows 11 Pro

Base specification
  • Game Max F15 Gaming Case 2x 20cm ARGB Fan 1x 12cm ARGB Fan TG Side MB Sync
  • GameMax 850W Modular RGB Gold 80 Plus 14cm RGB Fan
  • ASUS PRIME B550M-A (BUILT IN WIFI 6) II Micro ATX Motherboard (AMD)
  • AMD Ryzen™ 5 5600X, AM4, Zen 3, 6 Core, 12 Thread, 3.7GHz, 4.6GHz Turbo (Graphics Card Required)
  • AMD Ryzen™ AM4 CPU Cooler (SUPPORTS ONLY UP TO AMD Ryzen 5 5600X)
  • 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 (2x8GB) - Major Brand
  • 4GB GeForce® GTX 1650 OC Graphics Card
  • 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD
  • 1TB SATA III 6GB/s 7200rpm 64MB Cache 8ms
  • Integrated 7.1 High Definition 8-Channel Audio
  • Intel WiFi 6 (ONBOARD B550M-A \ B550M-PLUS \ B550-PLUS \ B550-F MOTHERBOARDS ONLY)
  • Microsoft Windows 11 Professional 64 Bit
  • * Application / MicroSoft Office Software Not Selected *
  • Norton 360 for Gamers - 90 Day Licence
  • Lifetime Gold Warranty - (Lifetime Labour, 2 Year Parts, 1 Year Free Collect & Return)
  • Standard Build - Estimated Delivery Date: 3 to 5 Working Days

"Just as good as its rivals for gaming, but its Ryzen 5 processor takes things up a level" - Best Buy - Computer Shopper.

Customise Your PC - We Build It To Your Exact Specification
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  • [£ 23.60]
  • [£ 27.78]
  • [£ 36.49]
  • [£ 36.49]
  • [£ 42.00]
  • [£ 45.13]
  • [£ 55.64]
  • [£ 57.88]
  • [£ 73.54]
  • [£ 80.81]
  • [£ 86.62]
  • [£ 172.75]
  • [£ 190.66]
  • [£ 190.66]

Power Supply Unit

  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 0.00]
  • [£ 43.80]
  • [£ 52.00]
  • [£ 93.95]
  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 17.14]
  • [£ 45.14]
  • [£ 69.06]
  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 67.50]
  • [£ 225.00]
  • [£ 343.98]
  • [£ 361.50]

Air & Liquid CPU Coolers

  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 52.93]
  • [£ 53.60]
  • [£ 62.84]
  • [£ 68.80]
  • [£ 121.60]
  • [£ 145.31]
  • [£ 198.24]
  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 27.22]
  • [£ 37.70]
  • [£ 40.20]
  • [£ 109.50]
  • [£ 113.66]
  • [£ 126.58]
  • [£ 220.80]
  • [£ 294.96]
  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 125.76]
  • [£ 168.08]
  • [£ 314.58]
  • [£ 441.24]
  • [£ 707.35]
Storage Devices
  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 18.35]
  • [£ 28.31]
  • [£ 89.09]
  • [£ 115.66]
  • [£ 146.92]

Hard Disk Drives

  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 10.87]
  • [£ 43.15]
  • [£ 44.21]
  • [£ 167.90]
  • [£ 220.01]
  • [£ 343.01]
  • [£ 388.01]
  • [£ 416.50]

Hard Disk Drives

  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 103.45]
  • [£ 210.40]
  • [£ 262.50]
  • [£ 385.50]
  • [£ 430.50]
  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 24.00]
  • [£ 112.80]

Memory Card Reader

  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 36.00]
Mulitmedia / Connectivity
  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 40.00]
  • [ £ 0.00 ]

USB Port/Firewire

  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 48.00]
Operating System + Application Software

Microsoft® Operating System

  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 0.00]

Microsoft® Office

  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • Norton 360 for Gamers - 90 Day License
    [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 0.00]
Peripherals & Accessories
  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 86.14]
  • [£ 114.49]
  • [£ 119.44]
  • [£ 166.25]
  • [£ 166.80]
  • [£ 168.00]
  • [£ 169.50]
  • [£ 210.00]
  • [£ 300.00]
  • [£ 360.00]
  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 25.80]
  • [£ 27.12]
  • [£ 36.00]
  • [£ 36.00]
  • [£ 48.00]
Delivery & Service
  • [ £ 0.00 ]

Build Time - Fast Track Options

  • [ £ 0.00 ]
  • [£ 69.00]
  • Adrian

    Excellent PC and price

    Click here to read full review

    Julian McMann

    Read the review in the magazine (because I'm old school like that!) and decided to go ahead and buy this PC for my home office. I haven't done a single piece of work on it...but I've played plenty of games :)

    Click here to read full review


    Click here to read full review

    Mr Jones

    Click here to read full review


    Best buy!

    Click here to read full review


    The Mesh configuration is ideal, naturally it worked right out of the box. Speeds are good, graphics are brilliant, excellent value and quality. Would definitely recommend a Mesh PC.

    Click here to read full review


    very good customer support and overall service. .the computer I ordered was perfect. only reason I have not given 5 stars is that the speed of service was over 2 weeks. the next day delivery and updates were very good however. would recommend to others. if you want faster delivery you can get premium so it arrives faster but it is very costly. thanks.

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Ernest Eric Edwards

    Overall I am very pleased with the product. However the case advertised was not available and in order to get a CD reader space I had to choose an alternate case for which I was charged extra. The DVI outlet on the motherboard does not work which I found annoying as my monitor only has this connection. I was unable to purchase an adapter for the other outlets and finally purchased a new monitor. I telephoned your help line in this connection but was put through to sales who was unable to help. They said the help line was unavailable and they would arrange for me to receive a call back. This never happened. Rgds E.Edwards

    Click here to read full review

    Mr John Hunter

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Paul Haselwood

    Very happy with the system so far, setup and doing everything I expected very quickly.

    Click here to read full review


    Delivered quickly - a well made computer and works perfectly

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Gordon Panitz

    Very pleased with the PC and the company. Their communication, both while the PC was being built and after delivery was excellent and they quickly sorted out a minor setting-up problem over the telephone. One minor criticism is that they could enclose a few basic setting-up notes (e.g. which of the 3 video sockets is “live” and the fact that the top of the case has interchangeable magnetically sealed panels – found this out on a youtube review.) but, as I say, these are very minor quibbles and I would not hesitate to purchase another Mesh computer.

    Click here to read full review


    Great system, great performance, and great price. Slight delay in delivery, but very very pleased with what I received.

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Russell Martin Matthews

    Although computer delivery date was changed due to shortage of specified components, delivery was two days behind schedule, once we received the computer, set up was straight out of the box ( with a little help from tech support due to my doh!!!!) Son is very happy with the setup and very happy with his new computer except he’s got no bucks left to buy any games !

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Matthew K

    Very easy to understand and the customer service was extremely helpful with helping me make my choice and keeping me up to date with my orders journey from being built to when it arrived at my door. Would recommend to anyone!

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Mick Hull

    Ok, slightly customised based off of a standard Mesh machine. WOW. It arrived a little after my birthday, though in fairness they did contact me ahead of time and state it would be late by no more than 48 hours due to parts not being delivered. It arrived at my door EXACTLY when they said it would and with an amount of packaging that would have protected your first born in transit. I am totally PC savvy having been into games and all things PC since the early 80's but even so, with no knowledge it would have taken less than 10 minutes to set up and when it was.... My gods was it a fast system. A lot faster than I expected and it looks sooooo cooool. Must mention that gent that rand me on the Thursday to let me know about delivery and left a message (I was at work) saying please contact me before 16:40 so I can get it delivered to you for Friday. He was most polite and helpful and a joy to deal with, much credit to him and to MESH. Overall a fantastic system with (so far) outstanding customer service; would highly recommend. :)

    Click here to read full review


    Very pleased with the system-easy to set up, very fast and much quieter than my old system. I hadn’t realised it has a transparent panel in the side and the interior lighting but that is a nice touch and looks really cool on the desktop, and it’s good to be able to see all the components without having to open it up. Delivery was excellent and the machine arrived within the hour stipulated. It’s also good of Mesh to include a note on how to make a recovery drive too. Overall I’m really pleased with the system and definitely rates 5 stars as far as I am concerned.

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Paul McCloud

    Fantastic price (far below competitors for the same equipment). Arrived only a day later than originally scheduled, which I was informed about regularly. Well packaged, machine works a treat.

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Andrew Richardson

    Great pc at an amazing price. Excellent service and delivery. No complaints and highly recommend pc and Mesh.

    Click here to read full review

    Mr jon jones

    the meshine is quick and game for anything!

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Greg Park

    Excellent computer. Very pleased with the system and after sales assistance.

    Click here to read full review


    I started the new PC at the same time as my previous one both with Windows 10 and the improvement in load time was stunning. Another noticeable improvement is how quiet the new PC is.

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Stephen C Phillips

    Only had this a week or so, but very pleased with it. A lot faster than the laptop it has replaced. Lack of a start up guide would be one complaint and I should have ordered a larger SSD as the 120 GB one supplied is up to 90Gb full already even with setting all storage to the 1TB hard drive.

    Click here to read full review

    Mr simon james

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Scott Charles Martin

    Very happy with the PC, easy to set up and start using. I’m glad I ordered with mesh as they have the best customer service I’ve experienced.

    Click here to read full review

    Mr lee smith

    Pc was delivered 2 days late because of a late delivery of the cpu I ordered for my system, once it was delivered and I got it set up, upon turning it on I found a component was loose and was touching the fan on the front, sorted that out and system runs great, I'm playing world of warships with graphics set to max and it's gorgeous, world of tanks on this system looks epic, I can't wait to try other games, all in all I'm very happy with the system and when I did have a problem, got on the phone and it was sorted right away.

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Jeff Plackett

    The computer desktop I ordered was well worth the wait. I'm very pleased with the after sales service apart from the online chat to customer services which never put me through to there agent. It was far better to ring them where I found them very polite and answered my query with no fuss. When the lines were busy they arranged for one of the build team to ring me back and I was very impressed how quickly they got back to me. I give my computer 10 out of 10. Thank you Jeff

    Click here to read full review

    Mr D Reynolds

    Second Mesh PC I've bought over the years, this one was for my son's birthday. He's pleased with the look and feel of it. I've just got to try and get him do some homework on it now!

    Click here to read full review

    Mr J D Insull

    COPY OF LETTER TO COMPUTER ACTIVE... 'SOMETHING FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER I have been a ‘Computer Active’ reader for many years. As you advertise on the cover there is ‘always something new to learn in each issue’. Also I have found your reviews to be very sound and realistic. As a photographer working with Lightroom and Photoshop I was looking for a new PC to replace my old and trusty Dell Inspiron 580. I was beginning to lose the will to live as this machine creaked through the demands I set it, crashing at regular intervals beneath the strain. I was interested to read you review of the Chillblast Fusion Ryzen 2700X in issue 538. This was marketed specifically for photographers and video makers. I had already done my research and come up with a set of criteria that I felt balanced cost with efficiency. So, following your excellent review of the Mesh Ryzen Gaming PC, which still features as your 'Buy It' choice, I enquired about customising this model to my requirements. The team at Mesh were extremely helpful and I ordered this model with an upgrade to 16GB memory, a 250 GB SSD and 2TB Storage. All for a fraction over half the price of the Chillblast. Wow! is all that I can say. I have processed more images in the past couple of weeks since it arrived than in the previous three months. I also use a plustek scanner with Silver fast software for my transparencies. This is so quick that I no longer have to go and make a cup of tea between High Quality scans. The team at mesh have set the machine up so that it works straight out of the box and offer great customer service. I have not yet clogged the memory with all my files and a range of ‘maybe useful’ programmes which could slow it down slightly. So well done to the teams at Computer Active for informative reviews and to the team at Mesh!'

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Kevin Evans

    Ordered a customized system recently and can thoroughly recommend you buy from here. The PC is built to a very high standard and very competitively priced. Having done my research I saved nearly £700.

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Mark Vincent

    Very good spec and fantastic price for the spec will come back no probs

    Click here to read full review

    Mr colin coxey

    Click here to read full review

    Mike T

    Very good value for a machine that performs well, doing any tasks that I am likely to need. It is up and running a few seconds after switching on. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Stephen Manton

    This is my third PC from Mesh and its as good as all the others, a step or 3 higher than my last one seems to handle everything I throw at it with ease. I have 1 niggling little issue the Perspex side panel came with a protective fill on the inside and outside I think it would have been a good idea to remove the internal film so I don't need to open the case

    Click here to read full review

    Mr John Barton

    Click here to read full review

    Mr Clive Lee

    Fantastic customer service with advice on the phone from Mesh to help me customise this model of pc. Phone call before delivery, my son is a very happy boy. Works great, did plenty of research and couldn’t find the same spec cheaper. Massive thumbs up....

    Click here to read full review

    Ian Marsh